The truth about trials is that, in time, their appearing monumental reality crumbles and whirls away like dust in the wind. The lasting things though? That’s what we are planting consistently in the midst and passing seasons of trials and successes, disasters, distresses, the celebratory and oh most of all, the ordinary, days.

It seems to me that, at first, we discover by “accident”, the way things come to us. The harvests we reap, often due to what we’ve sown in the days, months, years before. Then wonder upon wonders one day our vision can finally grasp the reality of how Mercy has come after us and healed our land, covered it in love so very many, many times and ways. We didn’t even know.

This joy can feel like a wave crashing into us. Bold, forceful, unavoidable — invitation. Is that why Adam hid?

An invitation to participate, to plant intentionally, to have faith in the seed, to fall into the wave and float not fight, to transform and heal, not only our world but the whole world,…wow. “Redemption” that word that once sounded lofty or fluffy, becomes more flight of reality that we’re caught up in by no merit of our own and almost, it would seem…that is our merit, to recognize the largeness of our smallness.

But sometimes that simplicity just boggles our mind…it’s too much, to just be…loved.

There was a time I thought it would be possible to die from engulfing emotions, stain and strain I felt in my life. How is it possible that the very cause for my whelmed state would in time be the vision and foothold for my wearied soul of the faithfulness of God? A seed planted before I ever knew I needed it; this is how God’s world works.

I’m pausing here. I’m planting a marker, a signpost where I’ll pass it often and then pass it some more. Because I will never not need the wonder of remembering again — Mercy has gone before me, Mercy has come after me.

This is the truth about trial: Trial, viewed rightly, is treasure.

There are those who teach that life with God is suppose to be a continuing, prosperous road of victory. But to be victor you must first be warrior, with a war to stand ground in. Trials and battles, are not a measure of failure or success, they are the makers. Not a one time victor does an overcomer make. Many battles must be seen, injuries sustained and healing experienced.

To travel “from glory to glory” is to fight strong from battle to battle. This isn’t bad news, this is a reality of hope.

But not because war is awesome, in fact, war is NOT awesome.

This is a reality of hope because we have a Warrior-King who fights for us and teaches us the way to be overcomers. We have a Suffering-Servant who knows our deepest pain and takes it as His own. A God Who doesn’t look at things through rosy glasses, nor ask us to. He sees — then without denying it for a moment He also speaks what is true — in us, He in us.

Oh, I’m not saying anything new…

“‘My grace is sufficient for you…My power is made perfect in weakness.’…I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Messiah may rest upon me…when I am weak, then I am strong.” ~ 2 Cor.12:9,10

…but, I’m gonna keep on saying it. It’s an echo of everything around us, the whole world is telling us this story. Sing it again.

“I’ve believed failure was imminent, rather than choosing to relax and let Mercy lead.
In fear I’ve looked out and seen a complicated landscape and often chosen the easier path.
I’ve hidden rather than engaged. I need Your vision to remember how life transforms through the reality of Your love…

‘Let Your steadfast love come to me…’

I want to learn from You, Good Shepherd, how to tend to my flocks like You do. Provide the vision I need to maintain my cause and not give up, for Your glory in this earth.

Shepherd my heart, as I freely admit my dependence on You to succeed at the discipleship You have entrusted to me and the building up of my home. Feed me Lord, so that I can feed; prepare me so that I can prepare. Fill me, so that I can pour out. Reveal to me the reality of Your love, so that I too can love, truly love….”
—Excerpt from my prayer book, Pray, Like a Woman in Labor, Day 6

Fixing my eyes on the truth, with you friends—
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I’m homeschooling my six kids, writing and finding beauty in the everyday through my camera lens, often my iPhone, because I process life that way. It reminds me of truth and fills me with courage. I hope to share the same with others. Thanks for being here.