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I currently have two offerings available through Untold Wonder Press,
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Grow Gently: A Companion as You Learn to Express Your Soul

Available for pre-order for $5.00
Mailing the middle of June 2020!
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Grow Gently: A Companion as You Learn to Express Your Soul


(back cover) Grow Gently: A Companion as You Learn to Express Your Soul

Description: This booklet is small but concise, at a total of 33 pages, it offers an invitation as well as inspiration with practical tools wherever you find yourself in the wilds of expressing your soul. From the back cover: For those of us who are unsure of what we have to offer this world, I see a bud curled within itself, aching to unfurl, drawing from roots nourished deep. We are, with all of creating, eagerly bound up, longing to be revealed.

As a woman with child, and as a child within a womb, we are growing full and complete within. The apostle Paul spoke of watching and waiting for Messiah to form within his students. He said, Messiah in you, was the hope of glory! What was this reality he spoke of and how do we live into it?

My prayer is for this booklet to be a blessing and companion to you in your own journey of learning to express your soul. I have written it out of my own pilgrimage, may you know you are not alone and may you grow deeply and gently. Available for Pre-Order HERE.



Pray, Like a Woman in Labor
14 Days of Prayer for Mothers
{ with space for personal journaling }

Available through Untold Wonder Press & Amazon

Pray, Like a Woman in Labor
(back cover) Pray, Like a Woman in Labor

Description: In the quiet (and not so quiet), deep places in us call out to the deep of God. We often call it anxiety or fear, but it is miracle too.

A miracle of labor and birth, of spirit and truth. He invites us into this work with Him. Like a woman in labor whose pain is not pointless, our pain is an invitation that beckons us to experience the very presence of God. We were created for this communion.—From back cover, Pray, Like a Woman in Labor, by Raynna Myers