QiGong. In China it’s called the Science of Human Potential. If you break down its word into its meaning qi=breath, and gong=refined skill, we can understand qigong as learning the refined skill of breath.

I didn’t know this when I was first introduced to medical qigong. I only knew I was sick and needed a door. Oh my goodness am I grateful this is the door that opened for me. That was seven years ago now. I am still a practitioner but I also became an instructor as a way to never stop practicing, never stop seeking to live into my own potential, and to have the skills I need to help you reach yours as well.

Let the journey begin! Two ways forward:

Contact me for a free consultation on how I can serve you or…

Come to a mini-retreat/ workshop in Washougal, Washington at a ranch on a mountain top plateau, more info here: https://www.untoldwonder.com/product/qigong-workshop

I am so eager to grow together. We can begin from a seated position and take one step at a time towards a more dynamic practice. I began when I was able to work towards it barely getting out of bed, ten minutes at a time. I know how to begin gently and I can guide you towards peak performance as well.