STAY, in the Breath

letters from a writer & photographer's journey

It’s time for a new book about love…

If I could sit down with a pen and paper to write each of you from my heart tonight I’d tell you it’s finally time! After more than four years, my book, The Love Writings: a ragamuffin’s letters about love, is ready to be released into the world—it is ready for you. I am delighted and nervous, but most of all I am relieved and ready and hopeful. I hope.. Read More

To be like a river…

I used to walk on the edges of stairs, until I fell enough times to learn to walk differently. The last time I walked that way I lost a baby in my womb. There are things that happen that make a soul remember. This is a letter to those of you who recognize that there are some things that also need to be forgotten, unlearned, rewired, transformed—it will look and.. Read More

Staying Steady: a love letter

I haven’t been able to write very easily lately. I’ve been distracted by many voices, been lost in love, swimming in the deeps of important conversations, heightened emotions. That’s to say nothing about continued life transitions. Through it all though I’ve had this short love letter forming inside of me. I want to write to all you rebels against society’s apathy and stagnant wastelands, to those of you who won’t.. Read More

Two Maxims, a Little Update, Okay…Maybe More

A good friend of mine once gifted our family a piece of artwork. It was bursting with life and excellently crafted. In my joy I wanted to offer back a “thanks” beyond just the words. He received my intention but it was his reply that stuck with me most. He wanted us to know that in receiving his art, in his heart and mind, we had brought something to the.. Read More

Learning Lament… (a poem)

Learning Lament, by Raynna Myers I stood at the forest’s edge Then I unshod my feet I found there The ground was soft The air’s scent was sweet I entered I Iooked up, into the fir trees Let their leaves dripping rain Roll over my forehead Anoint me I heard there a whisper Come close and listen Let moss surround you Look at the tree’s wrinkles And its beard move.. Read More

Out of Mourning, Not Necessarily After

This morning I watched an eagle come what felt unbelievably close and before I knew what was happening it swooped down and clasped a duck within its talons. The cry in the outcome of that swoop broke open my heart and words came out. This is a follow up to my last post in which I wrote that it is impossible to be fully present in joy, until we have.. Read More

For those in pain…

The change of the seasons is the same as the boundary between sand and sea, blurred. This week it has nearly seemed Winter, Spring, and Autumn all at once in our slice of wilds. Then to top off this conflux of seasons in these parts we saw something most unique out of any of our years living in a forest by a rushing river so far. We don’t know for.. Read More