Life, in all its glory, is oftentimes excruciating. Let’s remember Beauty in a quiet place together. I know this world of ours often does not feel like a beautiful garden, but I’d like to remember with you when it was. I’m passionate about the Gardener and the stories of wonder He has planted deep into our world, and deep within us. I want the words and images I share to create; a space to breathe, think, pray and to dig.

Let’s explore together. And when I say, “together”, here’s a little about me, so you can know who’s writing you: I am a wife of 17 years and a mom of six children between the ages of four to fourteen, homeschooling, learning, and seeking God as I use the craft of writing and art of photography to bring strength to my fellow moms (physical and spiritual ones), and anyone else hungry to let Mercy lead in our lives, because I believe we need each other. So, now, maybe tell me about you in the comments below? I’d love to hear!

I’ve written a book…

I am so eager to share with you my first book, Pray, Like a Woman in Labor. It is a book of prayers seeking wisdom and vision to be faithful in the work of serving and living an awake, set apart life. It is a 14-day, written and photographic, journey based on the prayer Jesus taught his disciples. As a mom to six I have written this book from the trenches with fellow mothers in mind, physical and spiritual mothers alike.

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With much love,

Raynna  Myers
(simply pronounced “Rain-ah”)
Missouri, United States