Hello friends!

It’s been several weeks since I’ve posted here, but not for lack of writing. My journals are brimming but more than anything, my children—the most important books I’ll ever write—and I have embarked on the adventure of our new homeschool year.



These are some of the highlights. What you don’t see in these photos: all the sit-down, practice book work, me running into myself over whether I’m “balancing” all this correctly (whatever that means), the chore lists and me, again, giving a lecture,…I mean, having a conversation about teamwork…me, (again) waking up trying to “teach” after getting about 2.5 hours of sleep a couple nights in a row due to a bug that was running it’s way through. Oh and those times when it seemed like all six kids (but it was actually only three) were either asking me a question(s) and/or telling me they needed something all at one time. Yeah, if that photo was here, you’d see my eyes looking rather large…

So, thank God for the highlights right? Yes, I thank God very much for the highlights and the moments when wonder overcomes. And, that’s a lot of times actually. Each year, a little bit more. Hang in there.

What a comfort it has been to find, in beginning this journey again, that the One Who holds my days and heart wastes nothing for our good. Not depression, not transplanting a family to a different part of the country, not good times nor hard times, are wasted as building materials for the art our Creator is making out of each of our lives.

I’m also thankful for my dear friend and teacher, Keren Hannah Pryor, who invited me to join her in a creative project last year where we are exploring the liminal spaces of life, and that life is. 

Having a project and a friend in creativity can make all the difference sometimes in how we continue on. Today I have the honor of guest posting at Keren’s site: Hebrew Interactive Studies Israel (HIS-Israel).

If you only have time to read one thing, please go read that article for now, but if you have one more minute I’ll tell you a little bit more…

Some of you know, but many of you may not, my interest and studies of the language of Jesus. I always want to know more about his life, culture, land and times. I love the language of Hebrew and in Hebrew, Jesus’ name is Yeshua. Some of the most remarkable things Yeshua said were about little children. 

I’d love it if you’d join me in exploring the beauty and unexpected grace that can be found in the parenting years as we take Yeshua’s words to heart… Read more: The Liminal Space of Parenthood.

Also, I’d love to hear how you’ve been surprised by mercy and grace in parenthood? I think these are the stories we need to share more and more of. It doesn’t mean we have to feel like we have it all figured out. I don’t for sure! It means, even in all the unknowing, we can enjoy this adventure and find again here that it is in losing our life that we really find it — because God is awesome, beyond-our-wildest-imaginations-awesome, like that.

Thanks for being here!
Check out my article: The Liminal Space of Parenthood, here.

I thought I should update my profile pic since you might not recognize me from my old pic anymore, if you met me in real life. My hair is a little bit longer now. 🙂

Learn more about my book, Pray, Like a Woman in Labor here.
I wrote it to remind myself about all the true things I’ve been learning through this parenting journey and made it into a prayer so I can hear and learn more. I pray it is a blessing to you! Buy the book here.
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