It’s here! The hush of the evening after a brimming-with-life day aaaand!! the second edition of my first book came in the mail!
I didn’t say much about it this summer. There’s been so much happening and much to learn I hardly knew where to begin, but I’m excited to unpack a little at a time this journey, tell you more about what I’ve been learning and all the good that has been happening… But for now, celebrate with me?! My heart is full!


After a lot of consideration I will not be signing a contract with a publishing company at this point in my family’s life. However, the thought and invitation offered to me has opened the door to vaster ideas than I’ve ever allowed for inside my own skin and that has been worth more than I can find words to express at the moment. For now I am pressing on at a slower pace as an indie published author and it feels good.


This summer and fall have been full of growth. One of the bigger learning curves has been the costliness of printing not only a book full of words, but of full-color photography as well. My husband, Jay, and I have worked hard to lower the cost for my readers so I’m deep down happy to introduce my improved price of $17 for a color copy. If you’ve been waiting! It’s ready!


So much thanks to you all for your support and encouragement! I know several of you reading this out there are writers and creators yourself. Press on fellow artists, even if in your journals in the quiet tonight. Every moment living (seen or unseen) the passion we were born for is building beauty in this world. Believe it.


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image Hey! My name is Raynna and I like to go camping with my kids in a tent that is too small for 8 people and wear them out real good so that they fall asleep in the middle of the day snuggled up to me like this. I can barely handle the preciousness so I write about it and take pictures, pray a lot and laugh when my husband tells me that I like to act like a homeless person when I’m ready to go camping again. Tell me something about you in the comments?!