I’ve embarked upon an experiment! (And by that I want you to think: free fall on accident.) About four years ago that’s where I was at (falling), but somewhere in the midst of that fall, I relaxed.

About two years ago, I began to write about this in the form of prayer. It became a message I really believe in: prayer and the reality of God’s presence in the midst of heartache, fear, anxiety and daily life. Birthed during one of the most painful times in my life I found, in the act of writing, part of my healing. In time, I wanted to share what I had created with others, so in December last year—I did. The wonderful response I received surprised me, especially the one where a friend asked if she could submit it to a publishing house!!

Since I am telling you this story, you’ve probably got the sneaky suspicion I said, “sure!”. A lot of work and a few months later, I received an offer from said publishing house to take me and my book on as a new author.

I’d really like to accept the offer and have a partner and resource much bigger than myself in distributing what has become for me a life message, soul deep. However, due to a few reasons, the main one being, I’m not a popular-sought-after-public-figure at this point in my raising-and-homeschooling-five-boys-and-one-gal-career, yes, that point right there—makes. me. wonder.

I wonder: is anyone other than my friends and family going to want to read this? If they did would they be touched significantly enough to want to share it with someone else? How far would it go? These are realistic questions, and weigh into the decision to try to do more than indie publishing, therefore my experiment continues…

In my discussion with the publisher we’ve decided to hit the pause button on one hand and the jet engine button on the other. We agreed I will launch a small independently published run of my book and see how much interest there is for it? What does THAT mean? It means I WROTE A BOOK and it’s available!! Wahoo!!


I’m so excited to share it with any of you who may be interested I’m excited to see how far, in view of my lack-of-fame, this message spreads to a wider world I can’t reach on my own.

But most of all I’d love to tell you more about my book! My next post today will tell you more about its actual content and my heart behind it. Thanks for reading!!! I hope you have a beautiful Sunday.


(P.S. Just so you know I had to hide myself away from my kids to get this selfie taken and I was cracking myself up. So, yeah, it’s like “that” at my house too. )