How to capture the essence of the largeness of the tiniest details that completely reinvent our days is sometimes—beyond words.

I’m writing to you from a different state, address and perspective than I last wrote. This past month, in my mind I’ve written you a hundred thoughts. My hands, however, have been a wee preoccupied; working to unpack, and recreate the warmth of “home” for my family of eight.

Today, though, I am so excited to share with you and hope you will enjoy an article I wrote over at His Israel. The words and thoughts have been stirring in my heart for some time, it’s a relief to get to share them. I hope it is a blessing to you! Read More Here.

What has been stirring in your heart lately? I’d love to hear.

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P.S. The article is about the idea that ancient Shaul of Tarsus spoke of, “pray without ceasing”. There is joy to uncover here. It is not an impossibility nor need be an overwhelming thought, this is one more of God’s gifts and our opportunity. Read More Here!