When I was giving a lesson on the birds and bees before 7:30 Monday morning it should have occurred to me: this week would be akin to a scab being torn off involuntarily.

But it didnt really.

Maybe the next morning should have done it for me when I was crawling…more like prowling, on the bathroom floor around 6 a.m. lunging after a bug that had disturbed my youngest son’s bathroom experience. I’m not even exaggerating. What got in to me?

My husband says it was “flight or fight” mode kicking in and I went all “fight”. I really do usually try to think about ways to capture the intruders (and by that I mean have one of the older boy’s capture the intruders) and take them outside.

Maybe I was still sleepy? I was pursuing the thing, slapping a hand towel at it, like it was out to maim my family. Did I mentioned I hadn’t stretched yet? Or barely gotten out of bed? What I’m getting at is that I wasn’t exactly in my most limber state of the day, but in “fight mode” who thinks of that?

Not me.

After my mission was accomplished however a certain sharp pain coming from my recently (last year) injured back brought me a sense of remembrance. Ah, adrenal. Ugh, reality.

What is it about our blood getting stirred that we can so easily lose sight of reality? Or our mind in a story that we lose track of time? What is it about singing that can make us feel fine in a storm?

Our humanity fascinates me some days, other days it tires me and yet others I feel completely broken by it.

The children and I were talking today about how we are made in the image of God, but how that doesn’t always mean we are very God-like. It’s so often the opposite.

Therein lies the cursedness in this world we see in the news and not-very-neighborly-like neighbors. And therein lies the wonderous, astonishing, beauty of when we are, God-like. What a something to behold.

What do birds and bees before breakfast and flight or fight mode on the bathroom floor have to do with any of that? Just everything.

A certain time ago, I found myself in some of the worst emotional pain I’d ever experienced. I am so thankful for that. It unswervingly called my attention to a new reality.

People all around us, everyday, are up before the sun facing challenges way bigger and much less cute than than bees or bugs.

They are getting a health diagnosis by 8:30 a.m. they never thought they’d deal with. The car broke down, not to mention the lawn mower and dryer and their back before Tuesday afternoon. Oh, and that job they’ve been waiting to hear back about, praying for, banking on…

Adrenalin and fight mode can feel like non-reality after being given some perspective. Then on the other hand, at different times in our life, they are our reality being lived in “real time”.

People need hugs, kind words, and help today. It could only possibly change everything.

It could be something to behold.

Our challenging,”bad”, days are here to teach us, give to us. This is true. There is more to gain here than the wonder-filled days; which is rather wonderful news in itself as challenging days can often be in the majority.

They bear gifts in the quiet shadowed places, waiting for us to calm down from trying to slay those bugs. The painful places give us time to see what we missed while we are lying there on ice staring at the ceiling.

Sometimes it gives us a chance to look out the window from a different perspective and see our neighbor lifting a load we were too busy to notice before. Sometimes, those ungodly days teach us the way to bear that God image, because we have become acquainted with grief, like He is.

Have you ever called someone when you are having a rough day and told them a bit about it, not to complain, but to say, “hey, it’s real”, and found bringing it out into the light really helped you both breathe a little easier? Oh how breathing more brings new life.

“Each of us has a spark of life inside us, and our highest endeavor ought to be to set off that spark in one another.” -Kenny Ausubel

Having a rough week, with you,


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