“The essence of a thing is always elusive, hidden. The dream of art and prayer is to come nearer, even to slip through to dwell for awhile…”

~ John O’Donohue, Beauty the Invisible Embrace


I wrote a prayer book this past year but that doesn’t make me “amazing” at being a prayerful person, it means I want to be. Oh, I do want to dwell there. My heart echoes the prayer of the father who cried out raw in the presence of Jesus, “I believe! Help my unbelief!”.

I wrote last week about tending to the ground of my children’s hearts, but it turns out I’m nearly always writing about what I need. Here’s an excerpt from day one in my book that I am praying today,

“…Is the soil of my heart hardened? Forgive me and heal my land, renew my mind, guard me—I believe You are the only able One, and by Your grace I am saved—daily.

Would You cultivate the garden of my heart, Father of all creation?…”

~Pray, Like a Woman in Labor (14 Days of Prayer)

I know there is so much happening in life, a very real crushing of the spirit and breath at times it seems! Entering this next week with you in hope to dwell nearer for new breath, new life and strength. Praying for each of you, my dear readers, this morning to be refreshed with courage, vision and passion for all the work of your hands.

“…All things are possible to him who believes.”

—Jesus (from Mark 9)