Being authentic doesn’t mean just being real about the struggle, it’s seeing beyond the struggle to what is most real. Welcome to Wednesday—I’m sure it’s already been a big week for us all.

Feeling exhausted before the day even began, here’s my heart prayer this morning:

I desperately want to live in the awareness of the now and the beautiful strength You can bring to it. I don’t want to walk in only my strength, but have eyes that recognize the glory of your power through my weakness. I don’t only want to smile, I want to know joy deep in my bones. I don’t want to bulldoze through this day (and man I feel tempted to), I want the strength of quiet confidence; I don’t just want to be busy, I want to be full of life—so that I can give life like You do… (Echoing this prayer from Day 11 in Pray, Like a Woman in Labor)