“Hi. Want to blow some bubbles together?”

This summer while we were out on a picnic, a storm (as I am prone to find myself in) gently began to blow, and as my troop and I sought nearby shelter, we bumped into another family doing the same. One of my children offered to share his bubbles and it was so fun, we haven’t quit sharing since!

I recently had a wonderful time capturing the story of this beautiful family in Harrodsburg, KY. I LOVE a photo session where a family can just be comfortable to be together, enjoy each other and the beautiful landscape, while I record the story of their shared love & purposefulness in raising the next generation. I’ve got all kinds of respect for this couple, not to mention the cuteness factor of their children! Look at these kiddos!

“When I came into this world I found that others had planted before me, so do I plant for those who will come after me.” ~Talmud

Matt & Erin Taydus are local Kentucky makers and business owners, of Sassa Bella Body Care and Limestone Forge. Together they are a power house of creatively & excellently making the world a better place for people, animals and nature. Isn’t that great?

After being introduced to Sassa Bella Body Care this summer, I was hooked on all the delicious scents as well the purity and effectiveness of the products for my family’s well being. I have used a lot of natural products over my years of raising a large & young family, with many different skin needs, and Sassa Bella is seriously the best we’ve ever used. My personal favorite is Zanzibar spice! As Erin says, “take a trip to Zanzibar for under six dollars”!

“Sometimes you have to make a soap that is evocative of a dream place. Our Zanzibar Soap is just such a project. We’ve combined a unique blend of pure essential oils to create an aroma that wraps you in a warm misty cloud of the exotic sprinkled with joyous topnotes of the refreshing. Imagine sipping a glass of sweet spicy tea on the veranda of your room overlooking the fresh Indian Ocean.” -Erin Taydus , Owner, Sassa Bella

Mmmmm, yes please! My adventure-travel hungry self cannot get enough of this soap! I also love & use the facial care line, and awesome lip balm daily! The calendula chamomile shampoo & body wash has worked well for every member of the family, and been the only solution that hasn’t caused rashes for my freshly born niece’s delicate skin. If you’re looking for a body care solution that’s truly good for the whole body, this is a product that honors that. (And more solutions for canine & equine on the site!)

This holistic approach is also easy to see in what I admire about Matt’s work as a Belted Galloway Cattle breeder and a professional of equine podiatry (farrier, for those who know that term). As a former applied structural engineer he brings his understanding and appreciation of structure to the horse, treating each of the feet as a part of the whole horse, not just attending to symptoms, but seeking and healing the root causes. As a daughter of a horse breeding Daddy – I love that! There is so much quality to this outlook. Add all of that to being a great guy and I couldn’t recommend him more highly. If you are a Kentucky local looking for a farrier, you can reach Matt at Limestone Forge.

So keep your eyes open when a storm blows you from place to place, you just might get blown into some awesome people…in my case, I met some of my dearest friends. ~Raynna