(If you missed it, you can read part one here.) Speaking of light…

The daytime hours so stark during the summer often make everything feel awash and lost in its blast of luminance, discernment becomes difficult.

The mildness of evening and morning light, I think most of us are drawn to its gentleness. We’re drawn to what we can see by its kind flame. Yet here is all this learning again…gentle light is defined by and found at the edges of darkness. Yes, light is always the story shadow tells.


We’re often running after it through innumerable webs at our feet, most of which we can’t or won’t see. We’re more often than not tripping over the water’s edge, but all along the way we’re finding more wonder than we know how to put to words, because the King of that kingdom is good and His signature of truth, reaches deep, even into the shadow places.

He created a good world and He is as He began and as He always will be—continuing to create in you and me, hovering over the waters, inviting us in. We’re finding faith in faithlessness, lost in found, truth in all the lies, and oh dear, the wonder of the One, who is teaching us that love rejoices with the truth.

Pilate said to him, “What is truth?” -John 8:38

We echo this question when we are unsettled, when we feel the tension, the fears, the stress, the wrongs. And there Love stands, ready—waiting—to lead us back to joy, back to truth, back to knowing ourselves in His light, which is to know Him, in quietness and rest, in release.

So, we must ask our questions, and more than that, we must answer them. Do not be afraid. In His light we see light and drink from the river of His delights. amen.

To be continued, tomorrow…one last  piece…thanks for being with me.

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