Welcome to the year 2019 my friends! If you are reading this, together we’ve been given the grace of arriving to a new day. It is enough to be alive. We’re ready. I’m glad to be here with you.

Some time ago my dear friend and teacher, Keren Hannah Pryor, began to write about liminal spaces, those in-between places, when we are not in one specific place or another, but find ourselves past something known (at least in part) and not quite on the threshold of what we do not yet know. I’d only ever really heard this space named by one other, the Irish poet John O’Donohue. His words made my heart sing, Yes. Even though the language was new to me, the concept was profoundly felt. Together, life became reframed.

Prior to that, I think the only vocabulary I knew to describe this capacity in life was…lost. And that word wasn’t quite true. That word carried my own self-judgement, my own definitions of where I stood. I learned that I was, “as found as I feel lost.” And it hit so hard when Rich Mullins said what Susan said, when we feel lost…

“How love is found in the things we’ve given up
More than in the things that we have kept.”*

Read more of my post here:The Liminal Space of Letting Go. I’m praying it is a blessing to you today.




I love to share here and am so thankful for you, my readers. I welcome you to stay. Let’s grow together. You can check out my book Pray, Like a Woman in Labor here.





Rich Mullins, What Susan Said, The World as Best as I Remember It, vol.2