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Today, I posted something that may be of interest to all my readers: “A Confession” in a series I write called, Through the Children’s Eyes. If you ever look out at the world and wonder, “What can I do?”, I relate.

I often hear our Heavenly Father’s voice when I instruct my children. Sometimes I don’t *get it* right away but since it’s become a common theme I try to listen carefully to what I am saying. I consider, what do I need to do with the words as well?

Recently, I spoke with them about there being times we need to choose the difficult way; the times that we have to push in life, like a woman in labor pushes, to get to the life ready to be born. There’s IS a time to rest, breathe, “let go” and there’s a time to push through the fire.

I have a confession to make… Read More There.

Seeking the Faithful One with you,


Hey guys, my name is Raynna. Bringing courage and kindness to my fellow moms is my goal.

God has big plans for us, we’re changing the world while we serve our families, and I’m not even kidding. In fact I’ve never been more serious about anything in my entire life or free!

God gives the gift of freedom to not only live with passion where He has planted us but also to see that because He is able, we are able. In our weakness, He is strong. This is true.

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