What a wild and wonderful couple of months it has been! I want to send out a HUGE thank you for everyone’s support for me and my book.

I know I haven’t said much about it lately but there’s been a lot of good going on, including a second edition of the book complete with a slightly revised title and a foreword written by the precious jewel of a lady, friend, author and teacher Keren Hanah Pryor.

At the point that I announced my book I was really saying outloud, in public, for the first time, “Hellooo world, I am a writer!” Slightly scary and totally exhilarating. As that sank in I needed a quiet place and launched for me a sabbatical of sorts. Much happening beneath the surface, but that’s where I needed it to be.

“What would be a world without Sabbath? It would be a world that knew only itself or God distorted as a thing or the abyss separating Him from the world; a world without the vision of a window in eternity that opens into time.” ~Abraham Joshua Heschel

Backing up for a moment: in my announcement of the book when I said, “be careful what you name things” (and made some think I was pregnant!)…My intention was to hint toward the literally painful few weeks leading up to launch that life had been. At one point I said to Jay, “I actually think I really would rather be in physical, actual, labor right now.”

The day prior to that statement I experienced my first corneal abrasion. (Who knew one small eye injury could render the rest of the body useless?!) Yet this was amidst other deeper heart issues, that altogether had me in the fetal position nearly ready to give up. “There is NO way I can publish this book. This is TOO painful.”


Somehow (and I should not be surprised) the struggle became defining in my every step to follow: realizing more how dependent I am on God’s “birthing” and “building” of anything that will bring life, including my book. And in the end of course, something greater than anything I could offer, was offered to me: life reimagined.

This needed to happen. I needed to grow and it had to be painful, but no one wants to go through it when it’s happening.

I’ll tell you more tomorrow…for now I really want to say thank you. Thanks to those who have prayed with and for me. Thanks to those who have/ are reading my book. Thanks for sharing it with others. Thanks for all your encouraging words. Thanks for being the human and hearty folk you are. I like you a lot.


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