STAY, in the Breath

letters from a writer & photographer's journey

Family {Story} Portraits

“Hi. Want to blow some bubbles together?” This summer while we were out on a picnic, a storm (as I am prone to find myself in) gently began to blow, and as my troop and I sought nearby shelter, we bumped into another family doing the same. One of my children offered to share his bubbles and it was so fun, we haven’t quit sharing since! I recently had a.. Read More

Some Summer Favorites {& Instagram}

This summer has been much better documented on my Instagram feed than on my website but I do invite you to see my photography there. You can read the story of the paradise we found beneath this weeping willow where my girl is releasing the butterfly above, as well as what we were all yelling as we ran back up the hill…here. Or click on the images below for a.. Read More

Hello World!

Hello World! Thanks for stopping by my new website, I’m genuinely excited to share my art with you here. I care deeply about the images that I am invited to capture. It is always an honor for me to preserve moments & memories and tell the stories I see through my lens. Going on adventures with families and capturing their stories is by far my favorite kind of photography. (I.. Read More