Those of you who know my husband know he has a quick wit and let’s just say (by comparison) I do not. So when I wrote in my recent book release:

It’s called Like a Woman in Labor, (and for the record, we should be very careful what we name things! …)

…all you other amazing people with quick wits (including my husband) read it as though I was cleverly announcing baby number seven over here. That would have been perfect! BUT, I thought I should let you all know that, no. No, I’m not that clever. I didn’t even think of the allusion until a great and geniously clever friend texted me with a LOT of exclamation points about whether I had just announced if I was expecting??

“What on earth?!” I thought, and then that oft spoken “ohhhh”, “ohhhh”.

So if any of you were waiting for it, just thought I should let you know, I am not prego. Writing and publishing a book could never compare to the greatness of one of my babes to me, but what has happened in my heart since I delivered my fifth and sixth babes is a story I’m just beginning to tell! And I want to tell you more because I really believe you will relate. I hope you’ll stick around for it and if for nothing else, trust me, I’m good at making those little blunders, it’s like a talent with me! So, lots of laughter ahead. Yep, good times ahead!

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